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Dr. Mary Caton Lingold is Assistant Professor of English at Virginia Commonwealth University. An interdisciplinary scholar, she bridges the fields of sound studies, African diaspora studies, music, colonial American literature, and digital humanities. She received a PhD in English and a graduate certificate in African & African American Studies from Duke University. Prior to that, she earned an MA from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a BA from Trinity University in Texas. Her experience growing up in the rural South inspires her research on Black cultures and White racism. Mary Caton focuses on on the colonial Caribbean, a region key to the development of traditions and ideas that spread across the Atlantic world in the early eras of slavery. A lifelong musician, she is currently writing a book about music in the African Atlantic world from 1600-1800. She is co-editor of the book 免费pc翻墙, which was published by Duke University Press in 2018.